Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 17, No. 2/2018

1Selena Aureli
Andrea Cardoni
Mara Del Baldo
Rosa Lombardi
The balanced scorecard logic in the management control and reporting of small business company networks: A case study p191..215 Details
2Odysseas Pavlatos
Strategic cost management, contingent factors and performance in services p215..233 Details
3Tasawar Nawaz
Determinants and consequences of disruptive innovations: Evidence from the UK financial services sector p234..251 Details
4Beata Zyznarska-Dworczak
A research note of potential scientific management accounting research area in CEECs p252..265 Details
5Robert Faff
Xuefeng Shao
Faisal Alqahtani
Muhammad Atif
Anna BiaƂek-Jaworska
Angel Chen
Geeta Duppati
Marisol Escobar
Marinela Finta
Anne Jeny
Ya Li
Marcio Machado
Takahiro Nishi
Bao Nguyen
Jae-Eun Noh
Jurij-Andrei Reichenecker
Hideaki Sakawa
Eleftheria Vaportzis
Luluk Widyawati
Singgih Wijayana
Chinthake Wijesooriya
George Ye
Clara Zhou
Pitching non-English language research: A dual-language application of the Pitching Research Framework p266..290 Details
6Asmita Manchha
Reflections on pitching research: Do it your own way p291..300 Details
7Kerstin Klein
Behavioral effects of nonconscious mimicry and social intentions: A Reverse Engineered Pitch p301..307 Details