Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 17, No. 3/2018

1Chaima Kooli
Raoudha Trabelsi
Fethi Tlili
The impact of accounting disclosure on emerging stock market prediction in an unstable socio-political context p313..329 Details
2Alhassan Musah
Fred Kwasi Anokye
Erasmus Dodzi Gakpetor
The effects of IFRS adoption and Big 4 audit firms on audit and non-audit fees: Evidence from Ghana p330..352 Details
3Maria-Silvia Săndulescu
Cătălin-Nicolae Albu
Impression management in the letters to shareholders of listed entities: A Romanian case study p353..373 Details
4Walid Khoufi
Dhouha Khrifech
Country- specific characteristics influencing Websites based information disclosure practices p374..405 Details
5Aisha Saderuddin
Yasser Barghathi
The impacts of introduction of VAT on the audit profession and economy in the UAE: Auditors’ perspective p406..439 Details
6Ernest Amoaful Bansah
The threats of using computerized accounting information systems in the banking industry p440..461 Details
7Irsyadillah Irsyadillah
Alhashmi Aboubaker Lasyoud
Does accounting education develop ethical maturity? Evidence from Indonesia p462..483 Details
8Robin Carrick
William Tunny
Does demonetization affect innovation? A study of cash heavy businesses in India: A Fantasy Pitch p484..492 Details
9Shijun Guo
CEO connectedness and expropriation: A pitch p493..499 Details
10Nurhastuty Wardhani
Market discipline and banking crises in Russia: A Reverse Engineered Pitch p500..508 Details