Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 16, Nr. 1/2017

1Ilhan Dalci
Hasan Özyapici
Analysis of the impact of first-time mandatory IFRS adoption on financial statements: The case study of the listed hotels in Turkey p5..29 Details
2Mădălina DUMITRU
Raluca Gina GUŞE
The Legitimacy of the International Integrated Reporting Council p30..58 Details
3Ahmed Saleh
Clare Roberts
The impact of online corporate reporting quality on analyst following and properties of their EPS forecasts p59..88 Details
4Eleftherios Aggelopoulos
What explains changes in accounting divisional performance under liquidity shortage conditions? Evidence from the Greek Banking p89..106 Details
From the accounting of war to the accounting of peace: putting bricks for a new environmental accounting. A critical analysis p107..131 Details
6Jadranka Mrsik
Ninko Kostovski
Offshoring Accounting Services: New opportunities for developing countries p132..146 Details
7Victoria STANCIU
Andrei TINCA
Solid Knowledge Management – The ingredient companies need for performance: A Romanian insight p147..163 Details
8Muhammed Kürşad Özlen
Irfan Djedovic
Online banking acceptance: The influence of perceived system security on perceived system quality p164..178 Details
Accountants and the cloud – Involving the professionals p179..198 Details
10Hafiz Ahmad Ashraf
Nauman Manzoor
An examination of customer loyalty and customer participation in the service recovery process in the Pakistani hotel industry: A pitch p199..202 Details
11Imam Salehudin
“Reverse Engineering” the Pitching Research Template: A Simple Tool to Help Understand the Academic Literature p203..210 Details