Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 15, Nr. 1/2016

1Oguzhan Bahadir
Volkan Demir
Asli Gül Öncel
IFRS implementation in Turkey: benefits and challenges p5..26 Details
2Vasiliki Makri
Towards an investigation of credit risk determinants in Eurozone countries p27..57 Details
3Costin CIORA
Gunther Maier
Is the higher value of green buildings reflected in current valuation practices? p58..71 Details
4Massimo Pollifroni
Gheorghe Militaru
Adrian Ioana
The new key drivers to improve the Open Government performances: some empirical evidences from Italy p72..89 Details
5Mihaela Turturea
Assessing the actual stage of social and environmental reporting of the companies listed at Bucharest Stock Exchange p90..111 Details
6Victoria STANCIU
Andrei TINCA
Students’ awareness on information security between own perception and reality – an empirical study p112..130 Details
7Nadia ALBU
Daniela Artemisa CALU
Raluca Gina GUŞE
The role of accounting internships in preparing students’ transition from school to active life p131..153 Details
8Rui Xue
Study of the contagion mechanism for opening risk of emerging equity markets in BRICS countries: A pitch p154..159 Details
9Saphira Rekker
Converting planetary boundaries into action, a new approach to meeting global greenhouse gas targets: A pitch p160..167 Details
10Syed Khuram Shahzad
Private firms’ adaptation to climate change within the context of developing countries: A pitch p168..177 Details
11Hossein Rad
Pairs trading and market efficiency using an adaptive market hypothesis framework: A pitch p178..185 Details