Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Mobile Devices – A New Challenge In Decision-Making Informatics

Supp/2006 ,   518-526

Valentin DUMITRU

Keywords:   Pocket PC, PDA, Smartphone, Smart client, Rich client, Wireless, TCO (total cost of ownership), Mobile devices.

The use of mobile devices that can access the Internet has grown exponentially in the last three years. Access to enterprise business data and e-mail is now provided on a variety of platforms and through countless devices. Developers have an excellent opportunity to create applications that can run on devices like a Pocket PC or a Smartphone as the demand for wireless data connectivity for mobile professionals continues to grow.
Mobile computing is evolving from the experimental phase to larger-scale projects that addresspractical business needs. Even with today’s limited wireless deployments, companies are saving time, boosting productivity and improving their business processes. In the nextfew years, mobile computing will be deployed by more companies to a larger proportion of the workforce and for a more ambitious range of business applications.
Despite progress in these areas, companies still face difficult challenges in building the mobile enterprise. At the moment, no wireless technology can meet all corporate business needs, as each technology requires trade-offs in terms of bandwidth, range and cost. Matching the right technologies to the right tasks will require carefulplanning and sensitivity to the needs of different user groups.
Potential Strategic Benefits:
-      Increased executive productivity and work satisfaction
-      Faster executive response to time-sensitive situations
-      Improved executive decision-making
-      Lower total cost of ownership with a future-proof platform
Potential Tangible Benefits:
-      Reduced costs associated with more costly mobile devices
-      Reduced voice and data communication costs
-      Lower training and support costs
-      Lower management costs
-      Reduced third party software and development costs.