Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

The corporate governance impact for the multinational companies management

18/2006 ,   p78..85

Florina BALCU

Keywords:   globalization, corporate governance, financial management, multinational companies


Globalization, like a very important phenomenon in hour days goes in all the domain of our life and especially in the business life. The manifestation more and more marked at the multinational companies in our country determined in the same time to appear new and more concepts and relations.
The corporate governance represents an important preoccupation because of its significance in the companies’ management. The corporate governance concept is pretty new in Romania, but the interest for it is a very big one. The corporate governance is a system for the companies to be control and manage in that way in which to promote good administration techniques. The concept addresses as well as to the majority as to the minority investors. The corporate governance has at it basis the informational system of the group, which is oriented to give, through the consolidated financial system a fair view and a transparence information for the support of the actual and potential investors.
The literature review, as a way of research is coming in our support to take some conclusions, to have some opinions and to make some comparisons regarding the implications into multinational companies’ life of the corporate governance.
Actually, the investors became more and more interested in their whish to have as many information as it is possible regarding their investment.
That is why the paper analysis the implication of this concept into the management of the multinational companies, especially to the ones which are quoted on exchange