Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

A reverse-engineered pitch on the scorching truth: Investigating the impact of heatwaves on Selangor’s elderly hospitalizations

Vol. 22, No. 4/2023 ,   p755..762

Yen Nee Teo
Kun Hing Yong

Keywords:   Reverse engineering, pitching research, climate change, heatwaves, the elderly, hospitalizations, risk

Abstract:   The pitch template introduced by Faff (2015; 2021) has become increasingly popular in academic research. Therefore, this paper aims to offer readers new ideas about a more time-efficient and easy-to-understand way of exploring a new research area and topic through a reverse engineering approach. The author believes that a reverse engineering pitch is the cornerstone to assist new researchers or PhD students to sharpen their pitching skills before they start to prepare an original pitch for a new research topic.