Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

The link between ICT use and the company performance: fundamental concepts and research models

24/2008 ,   p115..126


Keywords:   TIC use, strategic alignment, company performance, research model, theory of resource


The analysis of the relationship between the use of information and communication technology (TIC) and the company performance finds itself at the heart of research of management sciences. The research has focused primarily on the strategic alignment and on the definition of a model of empirical research in order to simultaneously test the contribution of preachers (business strategy, organizational structure, TIC strategy and TIC structure) of performance (Henderson & Venkatraman, 1993; Bergeron et al., 2004; Jouirou & Kalika, 2004; Florescu, 2007).The  issue of our communication is part of the research on the relationship between TIC use and company performance and is divided into two research questions:
• What conceptual framework for the analysis of the link between the TIC use and the company performance?
• Which analysis model of the link between TIC use and company performance?