Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Human capital and management analysis and valuation. The results of an empirical study on Romanian listed companies

24/2008 ,   p101..114

Dragos Mihai IPATE

Keywords:   human capital, intangible assets, management, analysis and valuation

It is a revolutionary way of managing people, treating them as assets rather than costs. The concept of human capital is today more related with the intangible value created by the people and management into the company. This paper examines the development of intangibles measurements and management practice. The measurements are fundamental in supporting management’s decision for allocation investment and investor’s decision. Optimization could also be an important issue on this management process. In our research we considered a group of Romanian listed companies and a list with 26 indicators (independent variables). Our research used a regression technique, establishing a function between maximum value of intangibles and independent variables. The results are consistent and interesting from the analysis point of view because a direct correlation between intangible value and employee satisfaction was presented.