Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

DSS model based on rules and OLAP for management by budgets

22/2007 ,  


Keywords:   Decision Support Systems, OLAP, UML, Business Intelligence, management by budgets

Implementing Decision Support System (DSS) for the management by budgets has become one of the top priorities for the vast majority of today’s organizations. This system represents a powerful tool for planning and controlling in the managerial activity. The new technologies for Business Intelligence as OLAP, Data Warehouse, Data Mining, emerged nowadays in very competitive DSS needed for the managerial process. Such systems are capable of processing and analyzing in real time large volumes of data from various sources and with different displaying criteria. This paper depicts a DSS model (B-Admin) developed in DSS-UNIDEF framework, based on rules and OLAP for the management by budgets, implemented at „County Forestry Department”