Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Strategies and accounting policies regarding the assurance contracts for employee benefits

20/2007 ,  

Daniela Artemisa CALU
Camelia Iuliana LUNGU
Elena Mariana GLÄ‚VAN
Raluca Gina GUSE

Keywords:   employee benefits, pension plans, accounting convergence, accounting policies, disclosure

We begin our research from the accounting convergence process induced by globalization. The theme of assurance using pension benefits plans needs to establish reconciliations determined by the differences in accounting and reporting standards. We review the requirements of IFRS and US GAAP. Using positive research we verify six sets of hypotheses referring to termination benefits and sensitivity in correlation to the reporting basis, the industry and the residence country of the companies. To verify these hypotheses we use statistical processing of data extracted form the financial statements of companies from Fortune Global 500 classification. In order to find any correlation between independent and dependent variables Chi-square test (χ2) was used. We used chi-square to test the independence and we computed χ2 using the Statistica soft. We present our results in the conclusion of this paper and we outline directions for future research.