Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Case study: Using .NET technologies in developing components of the enterprise integrated information systems

Supp/2006 ,   p86..95

Catalin TUDOR

Keywords:   Enterprise Integrated Information System, .NET technologies, extended enterprise, web services, ERP extended.

In today’s challenging economic environment, the success in improving the quality business management depends of choosing the best solutions that can insure a good workflow and communication between all departments of the enterprise. Integrated information systems represent an essential vector for enterprises, by enabling the management and optimization of their resources in a general context of strategic development and alignment with the demands existing on the market.
The .NET technologies provide the possibility of rapid developing effective, secure, flexible and portable support application for integrated solutions for an enterprise.
The present case study treats, in a concrete manner, the facilities that .NET technologies offer in developing and implementing the components of an enterprise integrated information system, relieving the specific techniques in efficiently defining business rules for these components.
This paper also refers to development of those components that define the support for system integration across organizations, in the attempt to respond to the big challenge of creating the best conditions for Extended Enterprise. By using leading platforms and technologies like .NET Framework and web services, and other widely applied standards or protocols (like XML, SOAP, etc.), many advantages such as good response times, high scalability and flexibility to add features and interface with affiliate systems can be relieved.