Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

The informatics systems and the mechanisms for management

Supp/2006 ,   p70..73

Marius Daniel MARE┼×
Valerica MARE┼×

Keywords:   informatic system, adequate decisions, informational processes, systems theory, information theory

The authors start from the fact that the informatic system is considered as an assembly of objects communicating among them, handling the objects as instances of a class within a hierarchy.
Our opinion is that an informational system based on managerial principles will allow the management: to ascertain the present situation; to detect both the chances and possible risks related to the policy of the organization; to see the strong and weak points; to make adequate decisions and then control the obtained effects. At this moment we note that each hierarchy level should obtain the needed information, an optimal structural communication being a must. Since an informatic system has similar objectives and performs mainly the same functions as an informational system, one may state without any doubt that the informatic system for the management of a company is actually the informational system where in order to perform informational processes, one employs mostly automated means, methods and procedures provided by the science of management, systems theory, economic cybernetics, operational research, information theory.