Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Ways of analyzing the financing policy of an enterprise’s current activity

10/2004 ,   p98..105


Keywords:   circulating fund, financing policy, economic equilibrium, current assets, financial liquidity.

There is a great importance and necessity to sistematically analyze the circulating fund, under the context of an enterprise management preoccupations in what concerns insuring and maintaining the financial equilibrium on short-term. At the same time, there is the issue that within the enterprise practice, the circulating fund is always associated with current aseets’ financing, confirming once again the truth which says that in the market economy, the focus must be put on the short-term equilibrium, on the financual liquidity, because the spectrum of enterprise bankruptcy is generated not so much by the lack of solvency, but by the lack of payment capacity, beating the repayment deadlines, as there is much more pressure on short-term liabilities, rather than medium and long-term and, as follows, more problems in the context of financial managemnt are being raised.