Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Defining aspects of the methodology of diagnose of the company activity

10/2004 ,   p91..97

Anca Maria HRISTEA

Keywords:   company diagnose, steeps in diagnose, techniques of diagnose

Performing any diagnose to find solutions to problems that intervene in the activity of the economic agent needs a methodic approach. The principal procedures of investigation and documentation are the following: inspection on site, examining the market share on segments, meetings and discussions, questionnaires, check-list. The following stages of the diagnose are : gathering information needed, analyzing the information, identifying the facts, identifying the critical points of the solution, establishing the plan of action, writing the diagnose report.
As a conclusion, only a rigorous method of diagnose of the activity will convince the beneficiary of the study of the competence and value of the specialist and of the fact that the result of the analysis contains useful information.