Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Present and perspectives in the analysis of financial performance of the economic agents

10/2004 ,   p84..90

Cristina DRUMEA

Keywords:   financial performance, financial performance charts, economical indicators, economical and financial categories

The financial performance of an economic agent is very important to the management and administration as well as to the creditors( shareholders, investors, backs, state).When dealing with the financial performance it's numbers reflect the activities of the company at all its levels- starting with operational and finishing with strategic. The appreciation of the financial performance of the economic agents is done, in most of the cases, on the basis of financial indicators that offer information regarding the internal status, not taking into account the connection between the other components of the macroeconomic space and that of the environment. The insufficient research of the economic environment in which the economic agents conduct their activity is a characteristic of the whole economic and banking system. Knowing some information regarding the general condition of the state of the economy, appreciating the odds in a particular sector of activity, knowing the economical backgrounds well as the political and social elements are the key to foretelling the future evolution of the economical and financial performance.