Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Intangible fixed assests: importance, evaluation and re-evaluation

10/2004 ,   p33..40


Keywords:   intangible fixed assets; identifying, evaluating, and reevaluating intangible assets, small and medium enterprises, evaluation, reevaluation, financial reporting

The idea of this article has been the result of three reseaches which took place during April – November 2004,with the following topics:  1. „Intangible Fixed Assets as a guarantee for credit and financing” (Focus Grup with managers and specialists from banks and financial institution); 2. „Small and medium enterprises policy in the domain of intangible fixed assets: investment, evaluation, reevaluation” (Reasearch on balance sheets of small and medium companies); „The place, the role, the weight and the importance of intangible fixed assests in the patrimony and activity of firms” (Analysis made in an academic,publishing, research and business environments from Romania having as respondents, 200 managers andspecialits in the field). Companies are not stimulated to invest in developing intangible fixed assets, because these cannot be included in financial reporting at real values, as a legal basis is missing. The inexistence of the legal basis may be due to the fact that Romania doesn’t have an active market for them. This is like a vicious round about which has as a consequence the diminishing of interest for investment in intagible assests,thus of the competitivity of Romanian companies.