Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

The .Net concept and its implications in the development of databases applications, economical analysis and decisional support

6/2003 ,   p136..145

Silviu ┼×tefan COJOCARU

Keywords:   .Net technology, decisional support.


The .Net technology recommended by Microsoft at the end of the 2002 year, proved to be capable to modify fundamentally the development methodology and the our days information system architecture. The technological mutations imposed by the .Net concept, in time, will be propagated also over the informatics solution for the economical area, offering the possibility to adapt them to the new trends imposed by the “Internet economy”.
In this article I will presented the elements that constitute the base of the .Net technology. There will be exposed solutions for the integration of the .Net applications in the traditional management information systems, and also a number of practical examples regarding the development of such programs.