Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

The accounting profession in Romania of nowadays

Supp/2006 ,   p148..155

Nicoleta FARCANE
Ovidiu MEGAN

Keywords:   accounting profession, accounting convergence, EU Directives, globalization

The businesses in Romania are the source of a lot of jobs. There are the sources of the financial security of thousand Romanians who are invested in stocks directly or through mutual funds or via employer retirement plans. It is the tax basis of every city and county as well as the national government.
One of the milestones of our business system is reliable accounting. Without high quality accounting profession, the lifeblood of business cannot be efficiently allocated to its best use in building and sustaining our economy and our way of life. The integrity and quality of capitalism depends on the integrity of our accounting system.
After a challenging period, the accounting profession has to demonstrate by quality it respect from the public it serves. The Romanian perspective of joining the European Union and the extension of globalization will determine for sure the development of accounting profession in our country.
This paper’s purpose is to study the maters of effects of adopting EU Accounting Directives in our country on accounting profession, regarding difficulties, obstacles and opportunities for Romanian accountants.
For the achievement of the proposed objectives we based their opinion on a study accomplish at regional level on 70 big enterprises from west part of Romania.
In this way we are trying to make a instant photo of accounting profession in Romania of now a days.