Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Pride and prejudice of an auditor

5/2003 ,   p6..12


Keywords:   independence, ethics, auditor, consultancy, audit committee

In a world characterized by a mess of values, in which money is viewed as the most powerful dictator of many practitioners professional behavior, it might seem that our approach for ethical values would be an utopia. However, assuming such a risk, our belief is still that all those desiring to live in a better world will understand our message. A literature review relating to auditor independence reveals a valuable research developed by Mautz & Sharaf (1993), Flint (1988), Guy & Zeff (2002), Wallace (1986), Titard (1971), etc. Taking their views as a starting point, the article further examines the nature of auditor’s independence placing a light on various circumstances that could adversely affect it. In addition, the article discusses the implications of auditor’s “creative” ways to comply with ethical values and dilemma that emerge in such cases.