Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

The criminal liability – European requirement for the protection of European Union’s financial interests

15/2006 ,   p234..239


Keywords:   law, Romania, criminal liability of corporations, European Commission

According to the provisions of the regular Reports of the European Commission for 2001-2002 and the second Protocol on the Convention concerning the protection of European Communities’ financial interests, the Romanian legislation should provide for criminal liability of corporations. Taking into consideration the specific features of a corporate entity acting as a defendant or plaintiff, it is necessary that the criminal procedure regulations be reviewed in this respect. There had been analyzed new regulations concerning jurisdiction in cases of combined criminal liability of corporations and individuals, as well as other related topics such as: appointment of an individual representing the corporation during prosecution and criminal proceedings, his/her rights and obligations, bailment, securities, interdictions, implementation of a criminal record system for corporations etc.