Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Tendencies in the regulation of the criminal liability of the legal person in the business environment

15/2006 ,   p231..233

Adriana MOĊ˘ATU

Keywords:   law, business criminal law, Romania, business environment


The business criminal law provides as main sanctions imprisonment and fines. With respect to the fines, the special minima and the special maxima are of a higher value that that of the fines for the ordinary criminal offences, as they serve the purpose of special and general prevention in the business environment.

In a similar manner, for the criminal offences inherent of the business law, numerous sanctions have been provided as for example: the publication of the conviction judgment of the courts of law, the dissolution of the commercial company, the perpetual or temporary interdiction of exercising one or more professional or social activities, the temporary judicial surveillance, the perpetual or temporary closing of the establishment etc.

Certain sanctions may also be imposed by the administrative authorities, as for example the Office for consumer protection, the Audiovisual National Council, the Competition Council etc.

It may be concluded that engaging the criminal liability in the business environment implies also, besides the usual sanctions of the criminal law, specific sanctions, as the juridical nature of these sanctions is not solely of a criminal nature.