Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Considerations concerning the possibility of foreign citizens to perform independently economic activities in Romania

15/2006 ,   p206..210

Andreea Teodora STOICA

Keywords:   law, Romania, free initiative, economic activities

The "economic freedom" has become, since the 2003's Revision of the Romanian Constitution, one of the fundamental freedoms. On the basis of article 45 of the Revised Constitution, the free access of one person to an economic activity, the free initiative and their exercise under the terms laid down by the law are guaranteed. Important provisions concerning the right of natural persons to perform economic activities in Romania are settled down in Law no. 300/2004. Its first article asserts that the natural persons, citizens of Romania or foreigners, citizens of states that are member of E.U. or E.E.S., may perform, independently, economic activities in Romania. On the basis of these provisions, the present paper is to analyse whether the citizens of other countries than those member of E.U. or E.E.S., may or may not perform, independently, economic activities in Romania.