Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Considerations concerning the customer’s protection within the adherence contracts

15/2006 ,   p183..188

Laurentiu SORESCU

Keywords:   law, adherence contracts, customer, Romania

The usual way to conclude a contract nowadays is to offer for the customer the possibility to sign the contract or not to sign it, negotiation being excluded for an usual customer. A main issue concerning those adherence contracts appears when a certain market is covered only by a few companies (oligopoly) or even by one company (monopoly). The customer hasn't got the skills to fully understand all the consequences of the contract, because he may be a merchant that is professional, but in a limited area of trade or a person who isn't a merchant and hasn't got any knowledge of the commercial area. That is why Romanian law protects the customer and transforms the juridical relation created by the contract into a proper juridical relation. The way the customer is protected by the Romanian law from the abuses of the professional merchant is treated in the hereafter article.