Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Corporate governance disclosure of banks in Romania and Malaysia and the quality of the web sites

Vol. 14, Nr. 1/2015 ,   p193..216

Ionelia-Alexandra Feldioreanu
Crina Seria

Keywords:   corporate governance, banks, web sites, disclosure, Romania, Malaysia

Abstract:   This paper is aimed to explore and compare disclosure on corporate governance mechanisms in the annual reports of commercial banks for two emerging countries: Romania and Malaysia. There were selected 34 banks situated in Romania and Malaysia, in order to highlight the influence of culture and the impact of the size, profitability on corporate governance disclosure practices. Another objective is to determine the quality of the web sites of these banks and their ability to support the access to corporate governance elements. It is found that Malaysian banks provide more corporate governance information than Romanian banks, the quality of web sites being higher in case of Romanian banks. The conducted study highlights the tendency of more profitable banks to disclose more information on corporate governance than less profitable financial institutions, while the size of the banks does not appear to influence the value of the corporate governance disclosure index.