Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

General considerations concerning direct taxation of international trade operations

15/2006 ,   p147..156

Carmen Nicoleta CO┼×UG

Keywords:   law, Romania, Fiscal Code, direct taxation


The income obtained from foreign trade activity performed on the territory of Romania or abroad by merchants, natural or legal persons, residents or not, is subject to direct taxation which becomes public revenue in the State budget and which is governed by the Romanian Fiscal Code, adopted by the Law no. 571/2003. Thus, the tax on the income obtained by resident merchants, natural persons, from independent commercial activities, relating to the year 2005, is calculated by applying an unique rate of 16 %. The same rate is being applied for the profit obtained by resident merchants, legal persons, including foreign participation companies. As for the tax on dividends, collected at a rate of 10 %, this is withheld and paid to the State budget by the merchant that pays the dividends. The revenues of non-resident merchants are being taxed differently if they are obtained by non resident merchants, legal persons, or foreign merchants, legal persons, including the taxation of the foreign companies’ representatives, companies created in Romania.