Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

The competition in the field of audiovisual

15/2006 ,   p139..146

Ovidiu Horia MAICAN

Keywords:   law, audiovisual, European legislation, Romania

The enforcement of competition legislation in the field of audiovisual has an important role in order to prevent the creation and the abuse of dominant position, and to ensure the access of new competitors on the market. In such a context, it is maintained the pluralism, for the traditional markets and the new markets. The European legislation may not and does not have the intention to replace the national legislations in the field of media concentration. The competition in audiovisual is strongly connected and can not be separated from the process of maintaining and extending the pluralism in mass-media. The media pluralism has an essential role for the democratic climate in the European Union. The European Union wants to protect equally the media pluralism, the right to information and the liberty of expression. The European Commission elaborated in December 1992 a Green Paper of pluralism and media concentration inside internal market. Reports about the same issue were elaborated by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. The most important distortion of competition in the field of audiovisual is that the revenues (incomes) of public radio and television institutions come from three sources, the subventions from the state budget, royalties (radio-tv taxes) and publicity.