Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

IT&C contribution to organization’s performance improvement: the case of ERP systems

Vol. 9, Nr. 3/2010 ,   p467..491

Catalin TUDOR

Keywords:   IT&C use, ERPS, value added, global performance, performance indicators, impact evaluation model


The evaluation of IT&C contribution to theorganization performance concerns both the academic researchers and theorganizations’ practitioners. Starting from the well known paradox of Sollow "You can see the computer age everywhere butin the productivity statistics", two questions became recurrent anddelicate in research: To what extent the use of IT&C and, particularlyEnterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPS), contribute to the organizationsoverall performance improvement? and What performance are we talking about? Theresults of empirical researches are, until now, conflicting, evencontradictory.


Our paper synthesizes theprimary literature on the topic, makes conceptual clarifications and helps develop atheoretical framework and several global models for analyzing the impact ofERPS use on organization’s performance and users’ satisfaction, as an importantfactor for improving individual and group performance.