Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

New evolutions concerning the acquisition of the ownership right over land by national of the EU Member States

15/2006 ,   p82..88


Keywords:   law, real estate, Romania, EU accession

Related to the commitments assumed by Romania through the Accession Treaty and the transposition of the acquis communautaire concerning real estate acquisition by nationals and companies established in the territory of EU and EEA, it has been adopted Law no. 312/1995 regarding the obtaining of private land ownership by the foreign citizens and stateless, as well as by foreign legal persons. There have been underlined the legal provisions governing the possibilities available for those resident and non-resident foreigners to obtain the ownership of land after the Romania’s accession, with a number of exceptions, related to the secondary residence, respectively second registered office, on one hand, and agricultural, forests and forest land, on another, farmers establishing their residence in Romania and some possible restrictions of land ownership for the companies.