Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

ORACLE cube maker for SMEs

Vol. 9, Nr. 1/2010 ,   p146..165


Keywords:   Oracle 10g Express Edition, C# 2008 Express Edition, data warehouse, ROLLUP, ZendGraph

Abstract:   The volume of data that companies have to analyze in the process of making decisions is increasing constantly. The data is not useful if the processing fails to extract the knowledge in real time, in order to obtain a competitive advantage. This is the reason that rise the necessity of inventing tools and methods to manipulate these data. In this paper we implement an accounting C# application that connects to an Oracle 10g data warehouse, using only free software express editions. The Oracle 10g Express Edition has not a built-in analyzer for OLAP queries so we have to build one. Our application allows the SME’s to create complex reports with ROLLUP operations that can discover unknown issues before any hastily decision being taken.