Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

The agricultural cooperative

15/2006 ,   p77..81


Keywords:   law, agricultural cooperatives, Romania, alimentary networks

Before December 1989, most of the land in Romania was owned by the state or by the so-called “agricultural cooperatives”. After the abolishment of the communist regime in December 1989, the lands were returned to the former owners or other persons were granted ownership rights by the law. But in the beginning the process was very slow and the land was returned in small pieces (min. 0.5 hectares per person and max. 10 hectares per family). Now, the new regulations stipulate the right of the former owners to recover all the land and, if possible the same former land, within the limit of 50 hectares. In the cases where, by an objective reason, the land cannot be returned to the former owner (e.g. public interest constructions), the state shall give money compensation. A new agricultural structure has been regulated according to Law no. 544/2004. So called “agriculture cooperatives” are ran democraticaly and their management is voted by the associates (Board of Directors and President). The cooperatives support their members by preparing the files for the approval of financing and non-reimbursable funds; establishing buildings projects and afterwards obtaining authorizations; providing technical equipments and forage and alimentary networks.