Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

New aspects on the collective redundancies

15/2006 ,   p72..76


Keywords:   law, labour legislation, international law, International Labour Organization

From the provisions of the Labour Code it follows that the legislator wants to harmonize the Romanian legislation with the regulations of the European Union and of the International Labour Organization. In the field of collective redundancies it is incidental, as a rule of international law, the Directive no. 98/59/EEC of the Council regarding the harmonization of the legislation of Member States regarding collective redundancies, which had abrogated the Directive no. 75/129/ EEC from 17 February 1975. From the International Labour Organization point of view, there are not any special regulations in this area. The Emergency Ordinance no. 65/2005 provides essential changes of the Labour Code – Law no. 53/2003, in the area of collective redundancies. By the new provisions the balance between the social partners has been reestablished within the harmonization of the internal legislation with that of the European Community.