Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)


Supp/2008 ,   p198..207

Dumitru MIRON
Monica PETCU

Keywords:   Management, decision, being concious, benefit, efficiency, performance

The present method of carrying on the activity of the company, and specially, the future one, based on the market economy, calls for a different strategic landing, positioning the client on the first place, through his concerns. The interests of the company are being focused on the increase of the client’s demand, which assumes improving the quality of the results, and  also adjustments in the company’s culture, in order to support obtaining these results. And all these things are due to the clients that are paying small interest on the company’s management structure, the strategic plan and its financial position. The main interest of those is focused on the results, meaning on the values, because, nowadays, clients are not looking for a big quantity of products or services, but looking for maximizing the satisfaction they offer. They are interested in one thing: results, meaning the value the company  gives. The client is now situated in the center of the decizional process of a company, he becomes the main actor of the decisional process of a company. The most efficient organizations focus their energies and attention on the outside world, on the client’s needs and not on the inside, on the products and the production process.