Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)


Supp/2008 ,   p848..858

Valerica MARE┼×
Marius Daniel MARE┼×

Keywords:   Creativity, neuromarketing, consumers, communication channels, information technology

Knowledge and creativity are considered the key factors in the new society in which the education, ingenuity, dynamism, inovation and technology are considered important levers in the knowledge economy, where they have an important role in optimal formation of the required competencies. In the context of globalisation it is obvious that structural changes are taking place within the processes of production and distribution by growing use and integration of information technology. This also has an effect on the business communication which makes possible for the activities to be globally coordinated using niche tactics for their implementation. The pocesses of information gathering depend on the communication channels, including the activites of planing, marketing, sales and service. Neuromarketing considers the necessity of revising the methods of communication with the customers and the establishment of a new paradigm which postulates that in order to be convinced that the products can be bought, they have to be designed according to the needs and wishes of the consumers.