Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

The employment contract for a definite term within the new legal regulation

15/2006 ,   p28..33


Keywords:   law, employment contract, market economy, Romania

As an exception to the rule, an employment contract may be concluded for a definite term in the following cases: replacement of an employee in the event his/her labour contract is suspended, a temporary increase in the employer’s activity, seasonal activities, retired personal, unemployed person having less than five years to the retirement age, exercising of an eligible position in an union or other non-profit organization, other cases regulated by special law. The paper analyses each of these cases and the new rules included by the Governmental Ordinance no. 65/2005. One of the conclusions is that the cases in which a contract can be concluded for a definite term are still very few, not being enough adapted to the necessities of a market economy.