Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Conceptual developments within the market economy

15/2006 ,   p24..27

Cornelia LEFTER

Keywords:   law, Romanian legislation, enterprise, international doctrine

The modernization of Romanian legislation after 1989 includes also the introduction of new terms with the view to depart from the communist approached. This is the case of the term “enterprise” which has been changed with some so-called “modern” terms, such as: firm, economic agent, company, commercial society. There are many people who do not understand that in law each term has a specific content! Due to this situation, we would like to emphasize in this paper that the term “enterprise” has, in the international jurisprudence and doctrine, a very well defined economic and juridical content which does not depend of a certain government form or some political ideas. The criteria used by international legislation and jurisprudence to qualify the term “enterprise” has to be taken into account as well by the Romanian legislation as by those who are involved in internal or international economic activities if we really want to build a market economy.