Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Maintaining the financial balance of companies

3/2003 ,   p39..47

Claudia Elena ┼×ERBAN

Keywords:   market mechanisms, perfect competition, financial resources

The mechanisms of the market are going to put out the out of pocket enterprises. The imminence of the exclusion is an inversely proportional principle with the market power that belongs to the enterprise appertaining to a branch or another. The theory of a perfect competition presents, for instance, the exclusion of the enterprises as a normal process contributory for the rationalization and making the economy an efficient one; the enterprises that disappear are those that have superior output costs than the costs of the market. The structure and the financial resources of an out of pocket enterprise allows it to survive for a while and the best thing that could happen is to get to an assertive result again. Knowing these financial things is the way you can keep "alive" those enterprises whose humane, social, political, economic and financial dimensions have often pleaded in favor of their rescue.