Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

A reversed engineered pitch based on Rietveld (2016), “Creating value through the freemium business model: a consumer perspective”

Vol. 15, Nr. 4/2016 ,   p810..818

Bogdan Alexandru Ratiu

Keywords:   pitching research, template, reverse-engineer, computer games, freemium, revenue

Abstract:   This pitching research letter presents a new angle to Faff’s (2015, 2016) pitch template. To better appreciate the research thrust underlying a scholarly paper, a reverse-engineered pitch can be created. This helps enhance one’s understanding of the finer aspects of an article and it is also an exercise to practice the pitching skills. A step by step guide for reverse-engineering is presented, followed by some tips and things to remember. The conclusion is that the pitch template has a real educational value, by offering a very structured and concise medium to extract core ideas from any paper.