Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Knowledge sharing behaviour of Bosnian enterprises

Vol. 14, Nr. 3/2015 ,   575-590

Muhammed Kürşad Özlen

Keywords:   knowledge management, knowledge sharing, socio-technical environment, individual performance, organizational performance, structural equation modelling

Abstract:   Knowledge Managementhas emerged as a useful tool for sustainability of organizationalcompetitiveness. Beside the importance of achieving knowledge, sharing theexisting knowledge is accepted as a key element for organizational success. Themain purpose of this research is to investigate the influence of Knowledgesharing behaviour of Bosnian enterprises, supported by a socio-technicalknowledge sharing environment, on the individual and organizationalperformance. In order to test the proposed model, a 7-point Likert scale surveyis conducted within various Bosnian private and public enterprises. Finally,the collected data is used to test the model by structural equation modelling.The results provide that knowledge sharing practices improve organizational andindividual performance by developing a socio-technical knowledge sharingenvironment. Moreover, this study is expected to enrich knowledge managementliterature in Bosnian marketplace and neighbourhood countries which havesimilar characteristics.