Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Scenarios for identifying vulnerabilities and classification of ITC risks

Supp/2006 ,   p820..829

Ilie TAMA┼×

Keywords:   information technologies and communications (ITC), risk assessment, impact, vulnerability, information security, protection measures

Information societies involve the usage of information technology and communications (ITC) on a large scale. The dependence on ITC is an unquestionable problem in the present, because we assist to a generality of computers usage in all economic and social life activities. That is why organization information systems became accessible at the global level and there are permanently open for a quick exchange of information between different categories of users located by different geographical nods.
The ITC usage involves the existing of some risks that should be known, evaluation and based on these, we must have information systems security measure.
We consider that the risk is an indicator very important that must be permanently assess in the usage process of the information system based on ITC.
Risk management suppose a permanently evaluation of these problems and also restrain by some practical actions who goes to the decrease of its effects.
From the expose point of view, in this paper work it is presented the results of research based on specialty literature and current cases from practical activities, regarding the risks of ITC usage and their diminishing measure.
There are distinguished the main factors (threat, vulnerability and impact) who affect the information risk and on the other way, diminishing measure of the action to these factors for optimum working of an economic and social organism who use ITC. We consider that through proposed measures we assume safety in design process, implement and usage of the informational systems based on ITC.