Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 23, No. 1/2024

1Costel Istrate
Accounting and taxation in Romania: from connection to disconnection? p5..28 Details
2Olfa Ben Salah
Analyzing the causal relationship between tax avoidance and earnings management: Evidence from the STOXX Europe 600 Index p29-49 Details
3Georgiana Burlacu
Ioan-Bogdan Robu
Analysis of accruals earnings management using the Jones Model. The case of Romania listed companies p50..75 Details
4Mohamed S. El-Deeb
Yasser T. Halim
Ahmed F. Elbayoumi
CGSC, audit quality, and Internet reporting: The mediation and moderation analysis p76..106 Details
5Dhouha Bouaziz
Anis Jarboui
Does the CEO’s entrenchment affect the financial communication quality? Empirical evidence from France p107..133 Details
6Shakirat Adepeju Babatunde
The role of IPSAS application in meeting voters yearnings p134..161 Details
7Christianna Chimonaki
Stelios Papadakis
Christos Lemonakis
Environmental, social, governance and gender diversity under the adoption of European Di-rective 2014/95/EU p162..188 Details
8Japhet Imhanzenobe
Olusegun Vincent
Olalekan Aworinde
IFRS adoption and the value-relevance of financial statements figures in Nigeria p189..214 Details
9Rachael Modupe Gbadamosi
Muyiwa Ezekiel Alade
Auditors’ characteristics and timeliness of listed family-owned firms in Nigeria p215..236 Details
10Bojan Malchev
Atanasko Atanasovski
Marina Trpeska
Intellectual capital: A key driver of financial performance in the Macedonian banking industry p237..260 Details
11Iuliana-Madalina Petrica (Papuc)
Chirata Caraiani
Camelia Iuliana LUNGU
Liana-Elena Anica-Popa
The interconnectivity of ESG research within the realm of sustainability: A bibliometric analysis p261..290 Details