Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 22, No. 3/2023

1Gerasimos Rompotis
Dimitris Balios
The Impact of IFRS 16 on the financials of the Greek listed companies pp. 375-407 Details
2Olfa Ben Salah
Anis Jarboui
Impact of dividend policy on earnings management and the moderating effect of the board of directors and the audit committees: The French case pp. 408-427 Details
Mehmet Kocakulah
Ümmühan Aslan
History of classified balance sheets in Turkey by 1982 pp. 428-463 Details
4Somya M. Eljilany
Ibrahim Emair Albawwat
Ahmed F. Elbayoumi
Risk-taking in the banking sector: Do cultural differences matter? pp. 464-489 Details
5Lukas Timbate
Dereje Asrat
Corporate financial reporting and taxes: How important is prior performance? pp. 490-517 Details
6Alexey Litvinenko
A comparative analysis of Altman's Z-score and T. Jury's cash-based credit risk models with the application to the production company and the data for the years 2016-2022 pp. 518-553 Details
7Azzouz Elhamma
Impact of mandatory IFRS adoption on economic growth: the moderating role of Covid-19 crisis in developing countries pp. 554-568 Details
8Yosr Hrichi
Feten Arfaoui
Research and development capitalization, fair value, and earnings management: A study of French listed companies pp pp. 569- Details