Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 22, No. 1/2023

1Ahmed Sallemi
Feten Arfaoui
Salma Damak Ayadi
The impact of task interruptions on audit quality: Experimental design in the Tunisian audit context pp5..21 Details
2Mădălina Dumitru
The relevance of bibliometric indicators and academic criteria in economics pp22..41 Details
3Xin Tan
Sorin Tuluca
Liquidity and profitability: Not a “one size fits all” proposition! pp42..58 Details
4Dulshan Karunarathna
Samitha Rajapaksha
Do accounting benefits of ERP systems impact the satisfaction of end-users? From the perspective of accountants and internal auditors in Sri Lanka pp59..85 Details
5Udani Weerasekara
Tharusha Gooneratne
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation in a manufacturing firm: Rationales, benefits, challenges and management accounting ramifications pp86..110 Details
6Andreia Manea
Nadia Albu
Development of the ethical self of accounting versus non-accounting students – an institutional analysis pp111..29 Details
7Pompei Mititean
Board attributes and social and environmental performance. Evidence from the energy sector pp130..46 Details
8Alexey Litvinenko
Jaan Alver
Cash-based credit risk model based on Timothy Jury’s template: review and modification with application to manufacturing company (2016-2022) pp147..172 Details
9Kun Hing Yong
Cordia Chu
A Community Needs Assessment Model on heatwave-related health risks in the elderly: A pitch pp173..180 Details