Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 21/ No. 2/2022

1David Alexander
Jonida Carungu
Stefania Vignini
IFRS meets the realities of a post-communist Balkan State p141..173 Details
2Mohamed Saeudy
Ali Meftah Gerged
Khaldoon Albitar
Accounting perspectives on the business value of big data during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic p174..199 Details
3Afroditi Ntokozi
Christos A. Tzovas
Constantinos G. Chalevas
Earnings management during financial crisis: The case of Greece p200..219 Details
4Hela Borgi
XBRL technology adoption and consequences: A synthesis of theories and suggestions of future research p220..235 Details
5Khalil Feghali
Joëlle Matta
Samir Moussa
Digital transformation of accounting practices and behavior during COVID-19: MENA evidence p236..269 Details
6Atanasko Atanasovski
Todor Tocev
Research trends in disruptive technologies for accounting of the future – A bibliometric analysis p270..288 Details
7Revy Karina
Yanuar Nanok Soenarno
The impact of financial distress, sustainability report disclosures, and firm size on earnings management in the banking sector of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand p289..309 Details