Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 21, No. 4/2022

1Ahmad Faisal Hayek
Nora Azima Noordin
Khaled Hussainey
Machine learning and external auditor perception: An analysis for UAE external auditors using technology acceptance model p475..500 Details
2Ana-Maria Bratu
Content analysis of human resources management reporting practices in Romanian health industry p501..523 Details
3Sawssen Khlifi
Ghazi Zouari
The moderating role of good corporate governance on the relationship between corporate social responsibility and real earnings management p524..545 Details
4Michalis Bekiaris
Antonia Markogiannopoulou
Value relevance of general government national accounts with ESA2010 accrual accounting framework. Association of ESA2010 reporting quality with decision making and accounting standardisation p546..574 Details
5Khalil Feghali
Reine Najem
Beverly Dawn Metcalfe
Financial auditing during crisis: Assessing and reporting fraud and going concern risk in Lebanon p575..603 Details
6Souha Ben Gamra
Fadhila Hamza
Hela Borgi
The impact of IFRS adoption and corporate governance mechanisms on audit report lag: evidence from an emerging country p604..630 Details
7Yitong Li
Pitching research for research-enabled students: Reflections on my experience as a “test pilot” of the InSPiR2eS “Internship” Initiative p631..654 Details
8Vu Nguyen Manh Hoai
How can the pitching research framework assist in summarising and presenting research ideas? A research pitching competition story p655..665 Details