Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 21, No. 3/2022

1Mahmoud Elmarzouky
Khaled Hussainey
Tarek Abdelfattah
Do key audit matters signal corporate bankruptcy? p315..334 Details
2Nikolaos Daskalakis
Nikolaos Aggelakis
John Filos
Applying, updating and comparing bankruptcy forecasting models. The case of Greece p335..354 Details
3Andreas G. Koutoupis
Christos G. Kampouris
Athanasia V. Sakellaridou
Can financial strength indicators form a profitable investment strategy? The case of F-Score in Europe p355..372 Details
4Anis Ben Amar
Islem Turki
Temporal evidence on threshold hierarchy based on accruals and real earnings management: Evidence from France and the US p373..396 Details
5Kishore Singh
Pran Boolaky
Kamil Omoteso
The relationship between politics, legal system and financial reporting on fraud p397..430 Details
6Sameh Kobbi-Fakhfakh
Fatma Driss
Mandatory extraction payment disclosures and tax haven use: Evidence from United Kingdom p431..451 Details
7Jacob Peng
Chang-Wei Li
Security breaches and modifications on cybersecurity disclosures p452..470 Details