Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 21, No. 1/2022

1Anis Ben Amar
Nourhen Sayadi
Independent financial expert members on audit committees, earnings management and the role of female directors p5..24 Details
2Karim Charaf
Ahmed Fath-Allah Rahmouni
Mohamed Sabar
The association between Activity-Based Costing and performance: Empirical evidence from Moroccan companies p25..50 Details
3Jamel Chouaibi
Emna Miladi
Nizar Elouni
Exploring the relationship between board characteristics and environmental disclosure: Empirical evidence for European firms p51..76 Details
4Assawer Elaoud
Anis Jarboui
The external auditors' policy after the COVID-19 pandemic and the accounting outlook in Tunisia p77..91 Details
5Andreas G. Koutoupis
Paraskevi N. Koufopoulou
Dimitrios I. Antonoglou
Athanasios P. Vozikis
Risk identification, assessment and management in the Greek public hospitals: The contribution of the board of directors and internal audit p92..112 Details
6Imen Fakhfakh
Anis Jarboui
Earnings management and audit report lag: The role of audit risk-Tunisian evidence p113..135 Details
7 Erratum to the article: Abdelmoula and Affes (2019) Determining factors of the quality of joint audit: Tunisian context p136 Details