Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 20, No. 4/2021

1Cristina Circa
Alina Almasan
Adina Popa
External pressures on accounting study programs: An institutional approach of stakeholder expectations pp543..584 Details
2Elena-Mirela Nichita
Elena Nechita
Cristina Lidia Manea
Alina Mihaela Irimescu
Diana Manea
Are reported greenhouse gas emissions influencing corporate financial performance? pp585..606 Details
3Khalid Al-Adeem
Properly identified imaginary needs, an inaccurately proposed methodology: The case of Rochester school of accountancy’s positive accounting methodology pp607..645 Details
4Kishore Singh
Amlan Haque
Sabi Kaphle
Janice Joowon Ban
Distributed ledger technology - Addressing the challenges of assurance in accounting systems: A research note pp646..669 Details
5Gabriella Szekeres (Vancza)
Alina Caldararu
Mihai Paunica
The effects of funding on student performance: Findings from PISA 2018 pp670..696 Details