Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 20, No. 1/2021

1Md. Jahidur Rahman
Ruoling Liu
Value relevance of accounting information and stock price reaction: Empirical evidence from China pp5..27 Details
2Shahinaz M. Ibrahim
Ibrahim M. El Sibai
Bassant Badr El Din
Contextualizing cost system design: A literature review pp28..55 Details
3Daniela Constantinescu
Chirata Caraiani
Camelia I. Lungu
Pompei Mititean
Environmental, social and governance disclosure associated with the firm value. Evidence from energy industry pp56..75 Details
4Ioana Sofian (Neac?u)
Perspectives of Romanian accounting professionals on Integrated Reporting pp76..110 Details
5Denis Levanti
Ileana Cosmina Pitulice
Aurelia Stef─ânescu
Accounting harmonization measurement: the case of non-banking financial institutions in Romania pp111..131 Details
6Helmi Hentati
Manel Borchani Maktouf
Neila Boulila Taktak
The behavioral intention to adopt XBRL in the accounting firms: Tunisian context pp132..153 Details
7Nurhastuty K. Wardhani
Do financial technology firms influence bank performance? A reverse engineered pitch pp154..160 Details
8Hafiz Ahmad Ashraf
The relationship between TQM and business performance: The mediating role of innovation performance and organizational learning culture: A pitch pp161..167 Details