Journal of Accounting and Management Information Systems (JAMIS)

Vol. 19, No. 4/2020

1Charles H. Cho
CSR accounting ‘new wave’ researchers: ‘step up to the plate’… or ‘stay out of the game’ pp. 626-650 Details
2Jamel Chouaibi
Salim Chouaibi
Does value added of intellectual capital influence voluntary disclosure? The moderating effect of CSR practices pp. 651-681 Details
3Md. Zakir Hosen
Md. Takibur Rahman
Md. Mamun ur Rashid
Perceived use of accounting information and practices of accounting in micro enterprises of developing countries pp. 682-706 Details
4Camelia Lungu
Pompei Mititean
Chirata Caraiani
Daniela Constantinescu
A structured literature review of corporate governance and performance research within an emerging country setting pp. 707-733 Details
5Michail Pazarskis
Athanasia Karakitsiou
Andreas Koutoupis
Despoina Sidiropoulou
Tax professionals’ role and ethics during a period of economic crisis in a small European country pp. 734-758 Details
6Linh Le
Dongfang Nie
Are controlled companies underperforming? pp. 759-777 Details
7Aurelia Stefanescu
Cristina-Petrina Trincu-Drăgusin
Performance audit in the vision of public sector management. The case of Romania pp. 778-798 Details
8Nikola Rosecká
Ondrej Machek
Family conflict and non-family managers in family business: A Pitch pp. 799-804 Details
9Mehak Rehman
Haroon Iqbal
Impact of YouTube advertising on purchase intention: A Pitch pp. 805-811 Details